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Helpful Definitions:
Question: What is a Full Arch?
wood full arch
A Full Arch also called a "Perfect Arch" is shaped like of a circle, or 180. It is completely rounded on the top side and its only straight side is the bottom.
Question: What is a Full Quarter Arch?
A Full Quarter Arch is shaped like of a circle, or 90%. It is straight on two sides the bottom and either the left or right side and completely rounded on the other.
Question: What is an Eyebrow Arch?
eyebrow arch(Eyebrow)wood arch(Eyebrow with legs)
A Eyebrow Arch is curved on top, but also is straight on the left and right sides and straight across the bottom.
Question: What is an Eyebrow Quarter Arch?
Eyebrow Quarter Arch is straight on three sides and curves on the fourth.
Is it hard to measure for arches?
When measuring you windows for arches, it is important that you refer the measuring instructions for your type of arch.
How do I mount the arches?
The arches are mounted outside of the window opening onto the sheet rock. All arches are predrilled with inset mounting holes and mounted to the sheet rock with #6 sheetrock screws. Button caps are provided to cover the mounting screws. Our arches are easily installed without nails, approximately 3-4 minutes per arch, and are easily removed without damage to the sheet rock in order clean or repair the outside window.
How are the wood arches manufactured?
All products are fabricated from engineered wood typically referred to as MDF (medium-density fiberboard). MDF is epoxy-bonded wood that is very stable and is highly resistance to product warp. Arches are designed with a 1 1/8" overlap around the window opening and a unique 2 "bottom transitional frame that covers the blind head rail or extends from the shutter frame offering a complete look. The overlap insures that the irregularities in the sheetrock opening will be covered (no light gaps).

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