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Measuring Tips

How to Measure Arches

We recommend that you order your arched products after the careful consideration and location of blinds, shutters, etc. to prevent any difficulty in measuring your arched opening.

Always use a tape steel measure and take all measurements to the nearest 1/8th inch.
Always measure and record the actual inside measurement of the arched opening.

Please note that the start of the arch curve is the most important dimension needed.

Measuring your Arches:
1) What does an INSIDE MOUNT (I.M.) measure mean?
It means that you are measuring both bottom width and center vertical height inside your window frame.

The factory will require a template for an inside mount arch if you want them to guarantee the fit.
Mail your template to:
Ace Fast Blinds
Attn: Carolyn Goodrich
15202 Mesa Red Court
Cypress, TX 77433

The factory will send a mounting strip with your inside mount arch (* Add $50.00 upcharge for inside mount mounting strip). The mounting strip is pre-drilled and attaches inside your window. The arch face is predrilled and attaches to the mounting strip. Any adjustments that are required to get the arch to fit should be made to the mounting strip not the arch. Bear in mind, that there can be minor differences in your window from one side of the arch curve to the other. For example, perhaps a little more wall texture material was added to one side of your arch. This minor difference may be fixed by sanding one side of the mounting strip or it might be fixed as easily as caulking more on one side of the mounting strip to cover any small window imperfections. For a more finished look, run a bead of caulk around the mounting trip adding extra to cover any window imperfections.

What does an OUTSIDE MOUNT (O.M.) measure mean?
It means that you are measuring both bottom width and center vertical height inside your window frame. The manufacturer will add approximately 2-1/4 inches to your measurements so that the arch frame overlaps the face of your window. On rounded corner windows, they will add approximately 3 inches to the overall width and height. They do this to give you a flat surface for installing the arch

On all measurements - both INSIDE MOUNT and OUTSIDE MOUNT we need to know the following:

  • What is below the arch so we can make the bottom of the arch the appropriate height. For example, is there a blind, shutter, window sill, flat wall without sill, door, etc. The following is an example of why this information is important. If you have a window below the arch and the window has a blind installed in it, the manufacturer may extend the length of your arch by several inches so that you can remove the valance from the blind and use the trim on the bottom of the arch as your valance. This way, the arch and blind look like they are a single unit, and it makes for a cleaner look to have only one style of molding in your window.
  • On outside mount arches, we need to know if your window frame has square corners or rounded corners, sometimes referred to as bull-nose corners.

how to measure wood arches
How to Install Arches
Step 1. Place arch over window opening being sure that it is centered and the bottom is at the correct location.

Step 2. Insert screw (#6 sheetrock) at top of arch, into pre-drilled mounting hole making sure not to over tighten.

Step 3. Place a level at the bottom of the arch and ensure that it is properly aligned.

Step 4. Insert remaining screws (supplied).

Step 5. Place button caps (supplied) over screw holes and push in as far as possible by hand. Use a small rubber hammer to lightly tap in the rest of the way being careful not to damage the button cap.

Step 6. Use a mild window cleaner to remove any fingerprints or dirt. Do not spray directly onto arch or rub hard as this could damage the paint.

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