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Routeless Construction For Blinds

Definition: Routeless
Routeless Construction has no route holes in the slats, lift cords are attached to the string ladders. Top 2 slats are notched in the front and back of the slats at each ladder position. All other slats are notched in the back at each ladder position.

Reduce light and ensure privacy by ordering your Wood, Synthetic Wood, and Crowned PVC Blinds with our Routeless Construction feature:

  • Only available with a standard 2 x 2 headrail.
  • This feature cannot be combined with any other special options: Decorative Cloth Tape, Motorized Tilt System, RollEase Continuous Loop Lift System.
  • Slats are notched on the back side at all ladder positions. Top slat is notched at each ladder position in the front and back of slat.
  • Lift cords are threaded through loops that are attached to the front and back of the ladder. See chart below for the number of lift cords used according to width.
  • Routeless slats are less secure in the ladders than slats with lift cords running through the route holes. Slats may shift when blinds are lifted or tilted and may not settle back into position without adjustment. Handle with care while unpacking and installing.
  • All other specifications are the same as blinds made with our normal construction.

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image shot of a routeless wood blind

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