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RollEase Continuous Loop Lift System for 2" Blinds

The RollEase 2” Horizontal Wood Blind System is a mono-control, clutch system which raises and lowers the blind and tilts the slats with the same control cord.

  • Size Restrictions:
    Minimum Net Width: 20.125" - Maximum Drop: 72"
  • Upscale appearance with only a single cord control which eliminates tilt wands and awkward piles of cord on the floor.
  • Raise and lower your blinds with unmatched precision, adjusting the blind accurately to any height while keeping the blind level.
  • Perfect for raising wide and heavy blinds (up to 30 lbs.).
  • Trouble-free performance is backed by a 10-year warranty.
  • Available on 2” blinds only.
  • Blind will tilt closed, then raise or lower accordingly. Once the blind is at the desired height, pull the cord in the opposite direction to tilt open the slats.
  • Lift/tilt cord: 1.2mm polyester. Control Cord - D-40.
    Color may vary from standard blinds.
  • Specify a right hand or a left hand control position.
  • Available with standard headrail only. Low profile headrail is not available.
  • Normal product ladder spacing. End-route positions are specified in the chart below.
  • Available with 2 blinds on 1 headrail with the controls on the outside. Not available as 3on1.
  • This feature cannot be combined with any other special options: Decorative Cloth Tape, Routeless Construction, or Motorized Tilt System.

The blind is raised or lowered and the slats are tilted by operating the single control cord. Pulling on one side of the cord releases the clutch and adjusts the blind’s height by wrapping lift cords onto a rotating and traversing shaft. The shaft’s traversing motion ensures that the lift cords wrap evenly onto the shaft without overlapping, keeping the blind absolutely level. When the control cord is released, the clutch then automatically locks and holds the blind in its new position. Gently pulling on either side of the control cord will adjust the angle of the slats.

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