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Ace Custom Decorator Wood Arches:
Our custom arches are fabricated from medium-density fiberboard that is epoxy-bonded. This means that it is very strong and highly resistant to warping. They are designed with a 1-1/8" overlap around the window opening and a unique 2-1/2" bottom transitional frame that covers the blind head rail or to fit on top of your shutter frame. This overlap hides irregularities in the sheetrock will be covered and there will be no light gaps. Because these arches are mounted outside the window opening, you do not require a template.

These arches are mounted outside the window opening onto the sheetrock. They are predrilled with inset mounting holes and mounted to the sheetrock with #6 sheetrock screws. They are easily installed without nails and are easily removed without damage to the sheetrock should one need to clean or repair the window.

Our custom wood arches are available in the following Ace Premium Wood Blind Colors:
[Bright White]
[Antique White]
[Pure White]

We will also custom paint your arches in any Sherwin Williams color for a $50.00 color match fee. We will supply the paint. You furnish the color, color number and finish: high gloss, semi-gloss, etc.

Our custom decorator arches include the Operable Slatburst™ and Sunburst ™ Arch, and the Non-Operable Slatburst™, Sunburst™, and Blackout Arch. The non-operable Slatburst™ arch has been engineered with 1/8" angled slat openings that filter out approximately 92% of direct sunlight.

The non-operable Sunburst™ arch is our most popular arch. It's slats allow a minimum of angled light inside the room but keep out most of the sun's heat. It’s similar to the Slatburst™ arch, but with ¼” slat openings to filter a soft amount of light to enhance the arch opening while blocking approximately 85% of direct sunlight.

Order Custom Arches in full, eyebrow, quarter and quarter eyebrow (eyebrows with and without legs) at no additional cost.

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