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Honeycomb/Cellular Shades
EasyLift Continuous Cord Lift System

This Heavy-Duty Continuous Cord Loop Lift System is a manually operated mechanism for raising and lowering any of our Honeycomb Cellular Shades. By simply pulling on the control cord, the operator can easily and precisely position any shade. The system is appropriate for both commercial and residential applications.

Your customers will appreciate this Cellular Shade Lift System with its unique patented design.
Here’s why:

  • Shades stay level. All the lift tape is wound onto the spool at exactly the same rate, keeping the blind absolutely level. The clutch then locks the shaft so that the shade will stay in position.
  • Shades can be accurately and easily adjusted to any height. Simply stop pulling on the control cord and the shade holds its new position automatically. No more trial-and-error positions.
  • Adjacent shades are easily set to matching levels. Just stop pulling the cord when each shade reaches the desired position. You can’t get that kind of precision with cord locks!
  • No more hazardous piles of cords. The control cord that operates the system has a fixed length. Cords are available in a variety of lengths from 2’ to 7’ (12” increments). 
  • Specify either a left-hand or right-hand control position.
  • Minimum Width (Up to 70" Drop) - 15".  Minimum Width (Over 70" Drop) - 17". 
    Maximum Width - 96"
  • Minimum Drop - 6".  Maximum Drop - 84".
  • Normal cord length is 2/3 the drop of the shade.  Control cords are white and available in 12” increments, starting at 24” up to 84”.
  • Headrail and cord color is white on all shades.
  • Not available with the Cordless Lift System.
  • Not available with the Top Down/Bottom Up option. 
  • This lift system can be used to lift the bottom up only (normal) or it can be used to lower the shade as a Top Down only (shade will not lift from the bottom up).
  • Not available as 2on1 headrail.
  • This feature uses only top-mount brackets; side-mount brackets will not work.

The shade is raised or lowered by operating the control cord. Pulling on either side of the cord releases the clutch and adjusts the blind’s height by wrapping the lift tape onto the spool. When the control cord is released, the clutch then holds the blind in its new position. This system is completely concealed inside a 2” x 1-13/16” headrail. Headrail and cord color is white.
Bottomrail will be color coordinated to match the shade.

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