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UpRight Roman Shades
New! Straightened Controls on UpRight Roman Shades

Products Included: Horizons Natural Roman Shades, Shades of Elegance Roman Shades & Soft Treatments Roman Shades
Important Considerations:
Outside Mount: The valance and headrail will be up to 1" wider than the shade.
Inside Mount: 1/4" IM deduction from valance & headrail, 7/8" IM deduction from the shade (5/8" on the control side & 1/4" on the non-control side).
Valance Returns are not recommended for Inside Mount Horizons Natural Woven Shade

UpRight Specs
UpRight ™ Feature

The UpRight ™ feature combines the good looks of our Roman Fold Shade with the convenience of a continuous clutch system. It allows for easier operation of larger shades. The continuous chain eliminates dangling cords.
    Standard Features
  • 6" Classic Valance
  • 3/4" x 2-1/2" Premium Clear Pine Headrail
  • Chain controls on the right.
UpRight controls
    Size Limitations
  • Minimum width: 22" Outside Mount (OM)
  • Maximum width: (see Pattern Compatibility Chart)
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 144"
  • Maximum Square Footage: (see UpRight on Compatibility Chart)
  • Flush Inside Mount (IM) depth requirement: 3"
  • Minimum Inside Mount (IM) depth: 1"
    Inside Mount Deduction
  • The factory will deduct 1/2" from the width of shades ordered inside mount.
    No Charge Options
  • Valance returns (must be requested)
  • Custom Valance Height - shorter than 6"
    (Hardware may be visible.)
  • Custom chain loop lengths
  • Chain controls on the left
  • Nylon cord loop in place of chain.
    (One foot increments)
Cord Tie Downs for UpRight Shades
    Extra Charge Options
  • Edge Accents
  • Custom valance height longer than 6"
  • Straight fringe or gimp on valance
  • Ties on valance
  • Hobbled valance
  • Contempo Cornice ™
  • 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 Headrail
  • Cut-Outs
  • Mitered Headrail
  • Blackout or Privacy Liner
  • Hold down brackets
  • Decorative trimmings
    Cord/Chain Tie Down
  • In compliance with National Safety Council's guidelines, all UpRight ™ Roman Shades come supplied with a cord/chain tie down. This is required for all installations and eliminates the loop's hazards.
    Chain Loop
  • UpRight ™ Roman Shades come standard with a chain loop. Upon request, shades under 30 sq. feet can be ordered with a nylon cord loop as a lift device. The available chain colors are black, antique brown, brass plated, white, beige and nickel. The chain is approximately half the length of the shade. In the event that a nylon cord loop is requested, the best color will be determined by the workroom.
    UpRight™ Clutch System
  • Due to the size of the UpRight ™ clutch system, the larger 3/4" x 2-1/2" headrail is required.

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