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Ace Fast Blinds
Please note:
Although we do our best to portray colors accurately, actual colors will vary. Many colors and subtle textures cannot always be appreciated on computer monitors which vary from one to another. All products are custom-made for you, and cannot be returned. Shop today!

Decorative Cloth Tape for 2" Blinds

Decorative, herringbone-textured cloth tape can add color to your blinds while reducing light and increasing privacy. This 1-1/2 cloth tape replaces the standard string ladder, covering the route holes.

  • Available on 2 Blinds only.
  • Standard blind prices include string ladder. Cloth tape is available with an additional surcharge which varies by product type.
  • Cloth tape & ladder spacing will vary by product types.
  • Cloth tapes are folded under the bottomrail and secured with a bottomrail plug in the same manner as the standard string ladder.
  • This feature cannot be combined with any other special options: RollEase Continuous Loop Lift System, Routeless Construction, or Motorized Tilt System.
  • Cloth tape is a sewn product that can have minor variances in spacing. This inconsistent spacing can be a problem with synthetic wood slats that are heavier and less rigid than wood.

Cloth Tape Colors

Alice Blue






Duck White




Pastel Green



Royal Blue

Dark Green